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Baluch Rug with Rows of Flowers

Northwest Afghanistan, Late 19th Century, 29" x 42"

Rows of flowers full

Though being uncommon seems not to be rare in Baluch rug design, this is another example of a design which, though not often seen, is handled by the weaver with a great deal of assurance. There is nothing tentative or experimental about the drawing.

Red grounds are generally less common than blue. Though worn low in places, the rug is made with fine shiny wool. It is tightly woven  with a distinctive "leathery" handle found in conjunction with the main border design, which is also seen on bags and trappings.

The color palette is very intense and saturated, and includes an unfaded intense orange and a paler orange which some will think to be synthetic, and which might be.


Rows of flowers detail Rows of flowers back

General wear, some from corrosion, throughout, and a small rudimentary repair in the center of the field.