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Baluch Starbag

32" x 27", Greater Khorasan, Iran or Afghanistan,

2nd Half 19th Century

Baluch Starbag waves full
A variant of the most commonly seen design on "Baluch" khorjin faces. These have been called "starbags", "archaic medallion" bags, and "square center" bags. Unusual here are the ground color of the center panel, the drawing in the center panel (though this varies widely in these pieces), and most of all the broad stacked wavy line decorations in three colors to the right and left of the center panel. Though one could make a case for this signifying water, there appears to be a vestigial stem or trunk at the bottom, suggesting they more likely denote a tree or floral element.
 Baluch Starbag waves center Baluch Starbag waves wave Baluch Starbag waves dtl back 

Missing at sides, rebound. Wear and mothing here and there, but mostly good pile.