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Unusual Baluch "Karai" Small Rug

27" x 42", Khorasan, Iran, 2nd Half 19th Century


This unusual small rug is made with the depressed warp weave characteristic of the "Karai" rugs of the Torbat-i-Haidari area in northeast Iran. Despite the heavy weave, it has a surprisingly supple handle (due in part to the camel hair field). The flexible handle and the extremely saturated intense colors - most notably the purple but also the red and blue, along with the very unusual diagonal filler lines in the meander elements in the main border, suggest a greater age than the squared-off drawing of the main border might suggest.

 KaraiMiniBottom Baluch Karai Mini Dtl 6425 Karai Mini dtl4_6418.JPG

A mildly corrosive brown has led to wear across the center and upper part of the field. Many stages of wear and repair to edges.

Baluch Karai Mini dtl3