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Jaf Kurd Khorjin Face

Kurdistan, Iran, 4th Quarter 19th Century, 27" x 27"


Kurdish bagfaces vary enormously in style - weave, colors, and design. Some are  precisely drawn with a fine weave. Others, like this example, are a riot of colors, full of irregularities of design and weave, and loosely woven with soft, shiny wool. Different reds, blues, yellows, and greens are used right next to each other, almost as if randomly, but more likely intentionally. "Mistakes" in the design and planning of drawing seem to be the rule. The additional chevron panel at the top is an added bonus. Though the medication seems to have been taking effect by the time they got to the top of the piece, this appeal here is more likely to the ADD set than the OCD crowd.

Minor corrosion of the brown outlining and lattice, sides substantially re-wrapped.

Do not adjust your set - this is the way they made it.