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Tekke Turkmen Small Carpet

2nd Half 19th Century, 4' x 5'4"

Tekke Small Carpet - Dark  - full


Small carpets such as this were apparently produced contemporaneously with the highly prized main carpets. The small carpets display all of the detailing and variety of their larger cousins in a smaller package. The precise drawing of both major and minor guls, the variety of designs in the borders, the saturation of the natural colors, and the high quality of the materials all suggest a dating before the opening of the Russian market in the late 1880s. These carpets also appear in various distinctive color palettes also found in bags and main carpets.

Note particularly the unusual variant minor gul near the top of the rug

Some wear commensurate with its age, but mostly in good soft pile.

Tekke Small Dk - Major Gul Tekule Small Dk - Minor GulTekke Small Dk - minor variant