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Tekke Small Carpet

Western Turkestan, 2nd Half 19th Century, 3'4 x 5'4

Tekke Turkmen Small Cpt Full


Collecting of Turkmen rugs seems primarily to have been focused either on main carpets or small bags and trappings. These small carpets fall between these groups in size, but seem to have been produced by Tekke Turkmen tribes before the great boom in volume and decline in quality precipitated by the Russian victory in the early 1880s.

This rug still exhibits excellent drawing, color, weave, and materials. The small silk highlights present only in the bottom rows of guls can be seen in a detail below. Another nice, if minor, touch is the presence (only in the end panels) of a good yellow.

This was always a low-pile rug. It has been reselvaged, and there are minor spots of wear.

Tekke Turkmen Small Carpet dtl 5121 Tekke Turkmen Small Cpt dtl 5132 Tekke Turkmen Small Cpt dtl 5141 Tekke Turkmen Small Carpet dtl 5137 Tekke Turkmen Small Cpt dtl back 5151